Rabson J Phiri
By Rabson J Phiri




Git is a Version Control System, and is usually used with platforms like GitHub to host git projects and make collaboration with other developers easier.

Today, VS Code is one of the most popular and powerful code editors around, and has a market place for tons of extensions.

One of these extensions is GitLens. It can be downloaded from the VS Code Marketplace and it works for git projects. It let’s you see who, when and why code was changed. Just move your cursor to a line of code, and GitLens will tell you know who authored that code, when, and the reason they added or altered the code right in VS Code.

This is very useful if you’re working on a team. You’ll be able to see who authored every line of code. If multiple people edited the same line, GitLens will show you who those people are.

You can also go back in history to see who changed the code and how the code evolved. It also lets you see commit details based on the author of the code

This allows for better accountability among team members. This is the official GitLens website