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Bootstrap was created by Twitter developers for internal use but it was laid out in open access and became a convenient set of tools for developing user interfaces of any complexity. Now, Bootstrap is an open and free HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit that is used by web developers to create responsive website designs quickly and effectively. When a Bootstrap web developer connects these files to the page, a large number of classes and ready-made components will become available for design layout.

Bootstrap classes

Bootstrap classes can be divided into:

  1. Classes for creating a grid(adaptive page layout).

  2. Classes for styling content(text,code ,images,tables and other information) .

  3. Service classes (for solving the most common auxiliary problems, such as alignment, display control, adding borders, etc.).

Benefits of Bootstrap

Bootstrap is beneficial for the creation of layouts by providing a great number of templates and ready-made solutions. Other benefits are:

  1. Cross-browser and adaptability:

Sites created using Bootstrap are identically displayed on different devices and in modern browsers.

  1. Ease of use:

Working with Bootstrap is not difficult; it only requires basic skills and having some basic knowledge working with layouts.

  1. Easy to learn:

Again, it is easy to learn. A considerable number of tutorial videos will help you understand Bootstrap without any difficulties and master it.

Disadvantages of Bootstrap

Bootstrap has several disadvantages as well.

  1. Templates

Sites developed with Bootstrap are similar to each other: the same structure, navigation, buttons. Each new site is similar to the many already created ones, and this does not seem professional so trying not to use ready-made solutions will help create unique websites. That being said, it is important to understand all the tools offered by Bootstrap to maximize their use in development.

  1. Lack of flexibility

Despite all the advantages, Bootstrap is a tool that has its limitations ( all sites on it are similar to each other). Therefore, Bootstrap may not be suitable for the implementation of some projects.

  1. Older browsers

Since Bootstrap tries to keep up with the times and is constantly updated and as a result, the sites on Bootstrap may not display correctly in older browsers.

How to download bootstrap?

There are two ways to start using Bootstrap on your web site.

You can:

  1. Download Bootstrap from getbootstrap.com

  2. Include Bootstrap from a CDN


Bootstrap has finally turned out to be the trendiest front-end design framework. The main reason for its success is the huge number of resources accessible through it. It holds a very big online community and help is easily available. It is always kept updated and is presently available on GitHub for download.