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--- template: "page" title: "Contact" description: "Flashreads info" slug: "contact" --- We are accepting tech-related short(1 minute read) blogs. The blogs will always be published or re-shared under the Author's name. ### Contribute Fork the [flashread/blogs](https://github.com/flashreads/blogs) repository and make a PR with your changes. To add a new blog: * Please, do not just copy and paste content from the web. * Add it to the corresponding directory **{topic}/{number.title.md}** e.g python/013-find-pypi-downloads.md * Follow the [template](https://github.com/flashreads/blogs/blob/master/template.md) example for structuring the markdown file. * The tags, author, and meta description labels are required. * Fork the repository and make PR. ## Join us If you want to join our organization and contribute more often send a email to zoran.pandovski@gmail.com ## Theme Thanks to Completejavascript for the [gatsby theme](https://github.com/completejavascript/gatsby-blog-template). ## License Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.


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